The Golden Messenger – First draft complete!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve finally completed a first draft of the fourth volume of my Selanian Chronicles series, The Golden Messenger.

As my readers know, each volume is comprised of two separate stories, which I call the front story, and the main story. The front story in The Golden Messenger is called To the Ends of the Earth and has grown to 310 Letter-size pages! The main story is about the same length as The Goddess of Death and weighs in at about 385 Letter-format pages. So, in all, the entire volume is about 100 Letter-size pages longer than The Goddess of Death.

In The Golden Messenger, I’ve changed the format of the main story a bit. It is now split into two parts. Part 1 is called Summer, Part 2 is called Fall. I’ll do the same with each subsequent volume, splitting each main story into two parts. Part 1: Summer follows Catyana, the Golden Messenger, on her journey with Nova to the capital of the Suviltan Provinces, Travis, where she must be presented to the Advisory Council and her status as a priestess ratified. Part 2: Fall, deals with Catyana’s difficulty in accepting her calling as the Golden Messenger.

I’ve also made good progress on the fifth volume of the series, The Enchantress. This volume focuses on the young Lady Maralena Novesta, with her younger sister, Davina Novesta, coming in as a close second. In the fifth volume, Davina is facing her Trials of Consecration as an Enchantress, and she must decide if she wishes to follow a path into darkness, or into the light. Her sister Maralena, as their coven’s Supreme Enchantress, wants to help her. Of course, Mara hopes her little sister will choose the light. But Davina has been promised to the Dark Lord since before her birth. What will she decide?

In Part 1: Fall, of The Enchantress, we mainly follow the events of Davina Novesta’s Trial of Consecration. As always, nothing is as it seems. We also follow Cora Satural after the traumatic events of volume four. In Part 2: Winter, the characters must face the aftermath of the dramatic and tragic events that occur at the end of Part 1.

I originally wanted to write seven volumes, but I’ve decided to wrap things up in the sixth volume, which I will now probably call The Queen. The volume will focus on the Queen of the Elinar, Her Majesty Dimitia s’Elinas.

Please stay tuned, and I really hope it won’t take another three years. 🙂

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