Making good progress on The Golden Messenger

Daemonia was released on July 1, 2020. Since then I’ve been working on The Golden Messenger and have been making good progress. As always, volume 4 of the Selanian Chronicles also has two separate stories. The “front” story is called To the Ends of the Earth and is almost complete. The “back” story is the same as the title of the book, which is The Golden Messenger.

The front story is nearing 300 Letter-size pages, which is at least 100 pages more than The Willow did in The Goddess of Death. I also wanted to share a short invocation used in the story, and I hope you enjoy it:

A heart and a mind, forever entwined
Forever our love, be blessed from above
Be blessed with the light, to remain through the night
To remain entwined, a heart and a mind

Elinian Wedding Invocation

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