The Selanian Chronicles is an epic science-fiction series with fantasy elements. Currently, I’ve envisioned the series encompassing seven volumes. The books of the series have a unique structure in that each volume consists of two stories.

The first story is set approximately in our time, often here on Earth, and describes the formation and growth of the Selanian Society in Bend, Oregon, by following the lives of its members.

Thoughts in Passing
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The second story (that is, the main story) is set 4,500 years in the past on the planet Piral and recounts the events surrounding the Selanian Civil War. Both stories are continued in each consecutive volume and are directly related, but I leave the discovery of these connections to my readers, which is half the fun.

Here is the list of books as I currently envision them:

  • Volume 4 (In Progress)
    • To the Ends of the Earth
    • The Golden Messenger
  • Volume 5
    • The Witchwood
    • The Enchantress
  • Volume 6
    • Crossroads
    • The Guardian
  • Volume 7
    • The Tongues of Angels
    • The One Law